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Stop Making These 5 Mistakes With Your Roof

Caring about the overall condition of your roof = GOOD

Believing one of the many "roofing myths" out there = BAD

Here are five things I see homeowners doing all the time that will actually cause more harm than good:

1. Over-Insulating Your Home

Too much insulation in your attic will cause ventilation issues leading to a hot, moist hell up there. Do you know what likes hot, moist areas of your home?


Do you want mold running rampant up there? I didn't think so.

So do your roof decking, rafters and overall home a favor and take it easy with the insulation.

2. Cleaning Your Roof With a Pressure Washer

Don't do this unless you absolutely hate the protective granules on your shingles and want to blast them into next year.

If you absolutely must clean your roof when you notice moss, black streaking, etc opt for a soft wash and hose instead (although it's still a temporary, cosmetic fix).

3. Not Having a Roof Inspection Done

Some issues aren't as obvious as others. Just because there isn't water pouring into your living room doesn't mean that your roof is in good condition.

If your roof is getting older, has been repaired in the past or a storm just hit then have a professional roof inspection done. You can potentially save thousands of dollars by catching issues early.

4. Not Checking Your Attic

Like I mentioned earlier, mold growth and excessive humidity in your attic isn't something anyone wants. It's harmful to both you and your home.

If your attic feels like an oven or you notice discoloration/mold on your wooden decking and rafters, it's time to call an expert.

5. Re-Roofing Over Shingles

In most towns you're allowed up to two layers of shingles on your roof. Some homeowners opt to simply roof right over their existing layer because it's much cheaper than a full tear-off and replacement.

Sounds great, right? WRONG!

Re-roofing over existing shingles not only adds a ton of weight on top of your wooden decking, it also covers up any and all existing issues. Not to mention a "re-roof" or "layover" typically lasts less than ten years and comes with zero warranty.

Shingles and underlayment should always be completely removed before a new roofing system is installed for a proper seal. By investing more into your roof now, you'll have peace of mind for many years to come.

Call a Professional!

Call The Roofing Experts at (844) 832-7663 to avoid these mistakes altogether.

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